We are an agribusiness international company, the main focus is animal protein (beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood). We offer the whole necessary planning for trading, production and logistics up to the delivery of goods to the importer. Established in 2009, our team is staffed by professionals with over 30 years of experience in meat international business.
Headquartered in Brazil with offices in the USA and Asia, our company occupies a consolidated position in the main import markets, through strong partnerships with producers and customers. We are committed to perform with integrity and trustworthy. By conducting business with diverse cultures, we believe that the respect to the diversity of cultures, religions and traditions strengthens the relationship with our customers.




Develop consistent business worldwide,
providing high quality products and
services, attending the most different
needs of clients and suppliers.



Become a reference in the international
agribusiness by developing new markets
and products and providing opportunities
for customers and suppliers.



 Transparency in business, ethics, commitment
with our partners and employees, excellency in
the rendering of services and respect for the
diversity of cultures, religions and traditions.